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Recent Linkage 10

What might look like a slow week on Signifying Media has in fact been exciting and filled with work in real life; after taking up my new job in Freiburg in December, I have now finally moved from the bed-no-breakfast-place I was staying and am beginning to turn a flat into a place to live. Whatever it will eventually turn into, I realize it cannot compare to anthills (via Kraftfuttermischwerk), and yet we call it home. So right now, I have nothing to offer but a belated collection of other sources. But I’ll be back with more soon, I think. »»»»

The Habits of TV and the Independent Web

Last week, I began asking some questions about atavistic TV habits in our use of the web. On the same day, the always fascinating John Battelle revisited his concept of the dependent and the independent web in a post on web interdependency, which made me back up and reconsider some of the more specific observations I made earlier in a broader light. »»»»

Testing Quora for Still More Creative Reactions to Cablegate

So as before, I am still looking for creative responses to cablegate that might begin a cultural brainstorming, perhaps eventually helping us to figure out what this is and what we want it to be; but also to help assert individual creative voices in the face of a potentially overwhelming publication.

Which is why for my first test-run on Quora, a new question-and-answer social network, I asked:

More Creative Reactions to Wikileaks

I recently said we needed more creative ways to deal with Wikileaks and Cablegate: As a kind of cultural brainstorming, producing concepts and arguments before deciding which of them are keepers; but also as a re-assertion of creative voices in the face of a publication that threatens to overwhelm on many levels. Since I did so, several readers have pointed out some more creative responses (thank you!).  »»»»