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Recent Linkage 14

Back with more things I found interesting, repeated here under the assumption that you might find them interesting as well. »»»»

Recent Linkage 11

So I’ve spent some time unpacking, and then I spent some time catching up with work that piled up while I was unpacking, and eventually I’ll come round to catching up with the blog that was unattended while I was catching up with work, although luckily this does not quite pile up when I don’t write, although ideas do. Anyway, here is some of the stuff I’ve been reading in-between boxes and keyboards.


Recent Linkage 10

What might look like a slow week on Signifying Media has in fact been exciting and filled with work in real life; after taking up my new job in Freiburg in December, I have now finally moved from the bed-no-breakfast-place I was staying and am beginning to turn a flat into a place to live. Whatever it will eventually turn into, I realize it cannot compare to anthills (via Kraftfuttermischwerk), and yet we call it home. So right now, I have nothing to offer but a belated collection of other sources. But I’ll be back with more soon, I think. »»»»

Recent Linkage 9

“A wake-up call’s mother is unfolding.  At the other end is a bell, which is telling us we have built a house at the foot of a volcano.” These are just the first of the amazing claims made by Thomas Friedman in his most recent column, as isolated by an anonymous friend of Jonathan Chait’s. Here are some more things on the net that I found interesting during the last few days:


Binnentextlinks in der SZ

Blogs und Onlinezeitungen verwenden ja öfter mal Software, die Texte automatisch erweitert. Das geht leicht schief. Kürzlich wurde mehrfach beobachtet, daß etwa automatisch ausgesuchte Werbung Berichte über Guttenbergs Plagiat mit Anzeigen für Ghostwriter und gekaufte Ehrendoktortitel versieht. Ein weiteres Spektrum an rhetorischen Effekten entsteht durch die automatische Verlinkung von Schlagwörtern.

Hier rein exemplarisch zwei Fälle aus dem Onlineangebot der SZ, die mir heute morgen aufgefallen sind: »»»»

Recent Linkage 8

What’s that? Signifying Media has been quiet for a week? And right in the middle of virtuality week, no less? Lies! Rumours! Hearsay! Er, and apologies. I think we’ll be back by tomorrow. I guess. Meanwhile, here are some things other people have been writing while I wasn’t. »»»»

The Habits of TV and the Independent Web

Last week, I began asking some questions about atavistic TV habits in our use of the web. On the same day, the always fascinating John Battelle revisited his concept of the dependent and the independent web in a post on web interdependency, which made me back up and reconsider some of the more specific observations I made earlier in a broader light. »»»»

Recent Linkage Special Edition: Egypt

The ongoing reports about Egypt’s protests, being cut off from the internet, and alternative venues of communication are far beyond my competence. However, here are some of the sources I found more valuable than others. Please link to more useful resources in the comments. »»»»

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A bit earlier in the week than usual, as I’m off to the workshop on fiction in Berlin»»»»