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Recent Linkage 9

“A wake-up call’s mother is unfolding.  At the other end is a bell, which is telling us we have built a house at the foot of a volcano.” These are just the first of the amazing claims made by Thomas Friedman in his most recent column, as isolated by an anonymous friend of Jonathan Chait’s. Here are some more things on the net that I found interesting during the last few days:


Some Blogging Sentiments from 2010

So aside from the numbers, what has this blog felt like during its first year? »»»»

Some Signifying Media Stats for 2010

After outlining plans for the future, I guess it’s also a good idea to have at least a short look back at the first year of Signifying Media. In a way, this site was not only intended to provide a venue for thoughts and discussions about semiotics and media studies, but also to find out more about blogs by making one of them happen to me. So what has happened? I’ve decided to have a look at some numbers first, and then follow that up with a more subjective and introspective account later on.