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So I’ve spent some time unpacking, and then I spent some time catching up with work that piled up while I was unpacking, and eventually I’ll come round to catching up with the blog that was unattended while I was catching up with work, although luckily this does not quite pile up when I don’t write, although ideas do. Anyway, here is some of the stuff I’ve been reading in-between boxes and keyboards.

Japan on the web:

As before, this is in no way an attempt to do the topic justice, just a collection of bits and pieces on how the newest media are watching, processing and trying to help the situation in Japan, in whatever marginal relation that may stand to the enormity of the situation.

  • The office of Japan’s Prime Minister has introduced an English twitter stream to post updates. It has been interesting to see how quickly its rhetorics have become twitter-ized, from initial press releases cut down to 140 characters, to today’s ‘the press conference will begin in a  few minutes’.
  • Colleagues and I have been wondering whether the animated report on “Nuclear Boy” going around on youtube is (a) real, (b) satire, (c) straight, or even (d) official, and we really can’t tell.
  • The Radiation Dose Chart on xkcd — not a joke or a comic, but a real guide to understanding what a sievert is — is brilliantly helpful and somewhat comforting in its clarity, if not its message.
As an antidote, here’s some light-hearted stuff:
On media control:
Some other current and miscellaneous  observations  on web media:
Und aus deutscher Webmedialität, medialer Kontrolle und Politik:

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