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ComFor 11: Reportagecomics. Dokumentarische Comics. Comicbiographien

Die Gesellschaft für Comicforschung (ComFor) hat das Thema für die diesjährige Jahrestagung bekannt gegeben: Zwischen Reportagen, Dokumentationen und Biographien im Comic dreht sich diesmal alles um Comics, die einen faktualen Anspruch erheben oder wenigstens mit Genremarkern umgehen, die einen solchen Anspruch nahelegen. »»»»

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What’s that? Signifying Media has been quiet for a week? And right in the middle of virtuality week, no less? Lies! Rumours! Hearsay! Er, and apologies. I think we’ll be back by tomorrow. I guess. Meanwhile, here are some things other people have been writing while I wasn’t. »»»»

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While I’ve been writing about virtuality, I’ve been reading lots of stuff concerning textual control, with this week’s recent linkage devoted entirely to shades of censorship and regulation. Here we go:


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Kinect and World of Warcraft: Virtuality or Interface?

Here’s one of three cases in point to illustrate and refine what I have been saying about virtuality and interface. World of Warcraft is often explained as a virtual world, or more precisely, a game that presents or allows access to a virtual world. On the other hand, the Kinect is often described as a first popularization of VR hardware, as it relates body movements ‘directly’ to the controlling of an avatar in computer games.

But what really defines the construction of perceived virtuality in both cases, I think, becomes clear when the two are combined.  »»»»

Interface and Virtuality

‘Virtuality’ is a word with an etymology so promiscuous as to be downright obscene. The rivalling explanations for the original reason for the word’s current usage with reference to new technology are plentiful and can be disorienting. What might be even more surprising, however, is that the historically defining introduction of the term into computer studies is rarely mentioned, much less examined in detail. »»»»

Questions on Virtuality

Welcome to virtuality week on Signifying Media. This is all about the second of the three larger projects I outlined at the beginning of the year. But as opposed to what I did with the topic of textual control, for which I wrote one big theory dump of a post and have just been following that up with short observations on current cases in point, I’ll break this up into smaller pieces, because that’s where this project currently stands: A few questions and several miscellaneous hints towards parts of answers. »»»»

Spannungsfelder: Literatur & Mythos

Auch in diesem Jahr wird es einen Studierendenkongreß im Fach Komparatistik geben. Unter dem Motto “Von Studierenden für Studierende” geht es von 6.-8. Mai 2011 in Bonn um die Spannungsfelder: Literatur und Mythos. »»»»

Don’t Make Me Steal

Don’t make me steal” is a ‘Digital Media Consumption Manifesto’. It argues that many who download copyrighted material for free on the internet do so not because they want to steal, but because the access provided to the same content by other media is inferior. On this basis, it calls for legal alternatives. »»»»

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Here are some of the links I found most interesting during the last week. Tell me what I missed in the comments.