Recent Linkage 3

Back once more. The basic formula still applies: The following recent links are collected here on the basis that I found them interesting, and if you’re reading Signifying Media, then so might you.

What is the Web?
Textual control pretty much revolved around wikileaks/twitter this week:
And Finally, On Academic Discipline:

3 Responses to “Recent Linkage 3”

  • speaking of links: do you use any social bookmarking service such as delicious or diigo? if so, i’d very much like to follow your stream of links there.

  • I don’t right now, except for the share function on Google’s rss reader, and I hardly ever remember to share good stuff there either. But I’ve been thinking about it. Do you have some advice on which service would be good for what kind of usage?

  • despite the fact that yahoo apparently is trying hard to scare everyone away from delicious by implementing one verschlimmbesserung after the other, imho delicious is still the best social bookmarking service around. it is plain and simple and it has a firefox addon, which is pretty much everything that i expect from a web2.0-service. diigo has lots of collaborating tools such as groups and other stuff, but in my experience these tend to be used only very rarely (and sharing links to certain people is possible in delicous too; plus you can follow any delicious-user’s links via rss).

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