Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Not in English

“Schlank in Aphorismen” heißt das Lebenswerk des Diätologen Dr. Dr. h. c. Dr. Knut Werson (1776-1999), auf dessen Grabstein steht: Ich habe Vorschläge gemacht, Ihr habt abgenommen. Als Titel für sein Buch war ihm auch eingefallen: Da purzeln die Epi-gramme! Aber das hat er sich nicht getraut.

Small Salad. Main Course.

I never knew this before, but now that I see it before me, I realize that for my whole life, I have always wanted to own a business card that identifies me as a small salad plus main course: »»»»

Multilingual Railroading Rant

Yesterday, I went from Munich to Bochum and back by train.  When I got on each train, announcements greeted travellers in German and in English, »»»»

Remember Burton’s Alice?

Do you remember how Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was first shown in cinemas, back in — what was it? — 2010? That’s almost three decades ago, and the movie has lost none of its original charm.  »»»»

Zahra’s Paradise

Amir and Khalil, both anonymous, have started a fascinating new webcomic (which I found via Fredrik Strömberg’s blog Sekventiellt; thank you!).  Amir writes, Khalil draws, and their Zahra’s Paradise is a fictional account of real events: It invents the story of a disappeared protester, and in doing so formulates a factual but complex reaction to the historical protests that followed Iran’s elections in late 2009. Please go and read it. »»»»